SSMCD – Temple Services

Service Group Individual
Archana Yatha Shakthi Yatha Shakthi
Abhishekam $51
Sai Paduka Pooja $11
Sai Satya Vratam $21 $116
Satyanarayana Pooja $21 $116
Vehicle (Vahana) Pooja $21
Annual Archana (Every Thursday) $251
Service At Temple At Home
Aksharabyasam/Vidyarambam $51 $101
Satyanarayana Pooja $116 $151
Annaprasanam $51 $101
Ground Breaking Ceremony $101
Griha Pravesham $116
Griha Pravesham & Sathyanarayana Swamy Pooja $201
Hair offering/Chowlam $75 $116
Namakaranam $75 $116
Nichitartham (Engagement) $101 $151
Sreemantam/Baby Shower $151 $201
Wedding $251 $351
Sankalpa Shardam $81
Service Group
Annual Thursday Archana – EveryThursday (1 Year) $516
Annual Thursday Abhishekam- Every Thursday after Abhishekam (1 Year) $251
Annual Abhishekam – Every day (1 Year) $1116
Annual Archana – Every day after Abhishekam (1 Year) $516
Annual Satyanarayana Swamy Pooja – Every Purnami (1 Year) $221
Annual Sai Satya Vratam – Every month (1 Year) $221
Annual Thursday Paduka Pooja – Every Thursday(1 Year) $251
Flowers and Garland Sponsorship on Thursday (1 Day) $51
Flowers and Garland Sponsorship for a month (1 Month) $251
Special Occasions 8ft Garland sponsorship (1 Day) $101
Thursday Baba Vastram Sponsorship $51
Sponsor entire day on Thursday (1 Day)
(Abhishekam, Archana, Flowers, Fruits, Paduka Pooja and Annadanam.)

Baba PadukaSeva Program

Devotees can take the Baba Paduka’s to their homes on a Thursday , keep them for seven days, offer prayers and return them on the following Thursday.

Devotees can schedule this for any Thursday (4-6 weeks ahead) and take the Baba Paduka’s after the Shej Aarti at around 8:30 PM and return them next Thursday at around 6:00 PM,  so we can get the Paduka’s ready for the Dhoop Aarti by 6:30 PM.

We have started this in January 2013 and devotees have been signing up since then. Please provide your Name, Email and Phone number so we can contact you and schedule it accordingly.

Paduka sign Up sheet

  • Shirdi Sai Baba Paduka Sign-Up – Click here

Temple Services Volunteer

  • Prasad Preparation Volunteer List – Click here
Om Sai Sri Sai Jaya Jaya Sai!